In 1991, two years after the Velvet Revolution, entrepreneur Ľubomír Jošt entertained an idea of having his own consultancy agency with a long-term experience in the field of economy and founded C. A. T. in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The aim of the agency was at first determined by the need for a qualified and reliable assistance in the ever-changing conditions of a developing market economy.


C. A. T. aimed at establishing corporations, developing business plans, accounting and representation of clients on the financial market.


The firm has become a responsible universal consultant. This has been achieved thanks to the method of taking over responsibilities for in-house company processes of our clients and representing them externally.


In 1993, Ľubomír Jošt was joined by his brother and two years later, in 1995, a new company was founded: C.A.T.  plus.


Following the original idea of permanent personal and professional development, in 1996, the two brothers founded tax advisory firm Jošt & Jošt, which widened its portfolio of provided services by the attractive area of tax advisory.


In the same year, three consultancy firms were joined together and became a new business group called C.A.T. group.


In 2004, keeping the spirit of widening services provided, C. A. T. group was granted an auditing licence (CAA auditing company).

The firm was awarded a prestigious award “Prominent of the Economy” in 2006 and underwent a thorough transformation, with the efforts of its founders eventually materializing in a company offering complex tax, audit and accounting consultancy under the name TCAA.


The TCAA poradenská. Company was established in 2010 specializing in economic advisory.


In 2012, TCAA expanded to include one more family member – Katarína, the daughter of Ľubomír Jošt. From her beginnings in the company, Katarína specialized in tax consultancy, successfully passed the respective exams in 2014 and became a member of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors.


Long-term efforts in providing the most effective advisory reached its climax in substantial restructuring and streamlining of processes offered: in establishing a successor in the tradition of family-firm consulting with the trade name of Jošt & Joštová Consultancy in 2018. In this firm, Katarína Lehutová Joštová became a full and equal partner, thus combining the successful history with a perspective of new consultancy trends.