• Double-entry bookkeeping and single-entry bookkeeping
  • Monthly processing of financial statements, which enables continuous monitoring of assets
  • Inventory control of assets and liabilities
  • Processing of annual financial statements
  • Formation of in-company directives
  • Pay administration, calculation of salaries and dealing with payrolls
  • Processing of VAT tax returns, control statement and summary statement
  • Processing of withholding taxes
  • Processing of income tax return

Tax Consulting


  • Specialized consulting of particular tax laws in form of continuously provided tax service
  • Online consulting (e-consulting) provided for management or employees responsible for company’s finance
  • Representation of clients in front of tax authorities through the power of an attorney
  • Training of experts in the tax systems
  • Elaboration of tax returns
  • Continuous provision of tax auditing
  • Advisory services for concluding contracts, regarding the best tax solution
  • Strategic business planning in the international context
  • Online account consulting, via phone or the internet, provided by experts certified in the Slovak Chamber of Certified Accountants (to our contractual partners)
  • Representation during the reviews of tax authorities, Social Insurance Agency and Health Insurance Agency
  • Evaluation of financial situation of a client using chosen financial indicators



  • Auditing according to the international auditing standards
  • Transformation of financial statements according to the international accounting standards
  • Services for evaluating assets and liabilities
  • Auditing of annual reports and their compliance with financial statements and balances
  • Analyses of accounting systems
  • Services in the area of economic and financial consulting
  • Consultations of a business plan

Financial Advisory


  • Business plans
  • Credit projects
  • Financial analyses